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Trails closed

Trails are closed until we get more snow. This storm was not good for the snow we had. Bare in many spots. Water bars will all be open and the storm isn’t over yet, temps are around 50 degrees still. Cold temps return soon so hopefully snow will too! It’s very early still, lots of the season left!

Last chance to get early bird TMA!

Last chance to get early bird TMA!

This is it! Last day to get your early bird TMA. Stop by the Swiss Farm Market (aka Pittstop) or get it online and be sure to select our club when ordering. Prices will go up if you buy after today. And you know we’ll get more snow!

Also remember, season starts tomorrow, but trails do not open tomorrow. We will post when trails open after we have enough snow.

Trail work!

We got a lot accomplished today!  We still have more to do tomorrow.  If you are able to help us, we’ll be meeting at the bridge from 10-12.  Any questions, email us

At the start

Removing the old boards

Our little helper

3/4 of the decking removed!



Season is approaching, trail work is ongoing!

Season is approaching, trail work is ongoing!

If you enjoy riding the trails over the winter, please take some time to volunteer over the next few weeks to help get trail markers and posts out on the trails.   It is never to early to get your kids out there as well!  Conner at 2.5 helped re-deck a bridge yesterday!  He may not have done the best job nailing in the nails, but he did great giving out nails to anyone who needed them.

If you are able to help, just reach out to us at info@tweedvalleytravelers, send us a message on facebook or email Dot directly (  Work is done every weekend and even days during the week.  We’ll post as we can, but you can always reach out if you have time and can help.  Without volunteers, we’d have no trails.  Thanks!

TMA’s are now available!

TMA’s are now available!

You can get your TMA in the Swiss Farm Market (aka Pittstop) and directly from Dot.  Dot can also take care of mailing them to you if you are not going to be in town prior to the start of the season to get your early bird TMA.  In addition, you can get them online, just be sure to choose Tweed Valley Travelers as your club!

Services Detour

Services Detour

As mentioned in previous posts, the reroute to services from the west/south has been put on hold.  We do not have permission to access services using this section of proposed trail.  Do not ride off trail, even if you see tracks.

The only way to access services is from the North via RD 2.  Leaving services also needs to be to the North towards RD 2.  We are working on a solution and will post an update if/when we have one.  If you are coming from Chittenden or other points west, this is approximately an 11-15 mile detour depending on where you are approaching from so plan accordingly.

Trails opening today!

Trails opening today!

Our trails will be open today.  Please ride on marked trails only.  I believe there may be an issue with the re-routed trail to services, so please do not ride any unmarked trails.  I’ll post an update as soon as I get it.  Most gates have been opened, but some still need to be opened.  If you come across a closed gate, do not bypass it, turn around.  Thanks and safe riding!

Winter is coming! TMA’s are in!

Winter is coming!  TMA’s are in!


Winter is approaching and we always need help.  We’ve got some trail re-routes to do this year as well as the usual staking.  If you are able to help, please get in touch with Dot directly or email us at and we’ll get you Dot’s info.  She’s ready to have help Mon-Sun!

And TMA’s are in.  Get your early bird TMA before the deadline (start of the season).  TMA’s can be picked up from Dot or the Swiss Farm Market (aka Pittstop).

TMA Prices for early bird are as follows (and are less then purchasing online)

Vermont registered sleds
Regular – $113 ($100 VAST, $10 Club, $3 County)
Family – $97 ($84 VAST, $10 Club, $3 County)

Out of state registered sleds
Regular – $143 ($130 VAST, $10 Club, $3 County)
Family – $120 ($107 VAST, $10 Club, $3 County)

Family TMA’s are only available as early bird.  3 Day TMA’s are also available during the season.  Antique and Active Duty Military are also available via the VAST office.

For more details, visit the VAST website here!


TMA’s are available!

TMA’s are available!

TMA’s are available.

You can get them via mail through Dot.  You can also be get them at the Swiss Farm Market (aka Pittstop).

Costs are as follows:

$100 for sleds registered in Vermont, plus $10 club and $3 county dues.
$130 for sleds registered in another state, plus $10 club and $3 county dues.

If you want to get yours via mail, send a check to Dot for the proper amount for the number of sleds and registration type (make out to Tweed Valley Travelers) and include a copy of your registration and date of birth.

Mail to:

Dot Williamson
West Branch Farm Rd
Pittsfield, VT 05762

In addition, there’s still work to be done to get things ready.  Please email Dot if you can help – she does work on the trails 7 days a week and is always looking for help as having just one or two people help cuts the amount of work tremendously.  You also get added to the list to be in the drawing for a volunteer TMA for next season.