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Saturday Update 3/16

Got out to ride some of our trails and Chittenden today. The bad news is that our best riding has come and now gone. The good news is that there is still good riding. I stuck to the Michigan area today (National forest trails on our side of Carmel and Bloodroot) and the trails have a solid base still. There’s more ice and there are some bare spots but overall the conditions we’re quite good. Soft down lower but hard up higher. Once things are groomed, they should be good. Chittenden was more of the same with a few more bare spots and really hard packed. Enjoy it while you can!

Friday Trail Report

Riding is not recommended at this time given the warm weather and rain. Wait until we get back to some colder temps tomorrow. We also need to get out grooming and we will be doing that as soon as cold temps return tomorrow evening. Best riding this weekend will be Sunday.

When you do venture out, please use caution as this warm up has caused a lot of melting and we had areas that got washed out back with the rain in January and they could be impacted again. If you come across any hazards or poor sections of trail, please inform us so we can update the map.

Trail Update 2/27/2019

Trail Update 2/27/2019

Trails remain in good shape and we’ll be grooming this week as we can. Should add a little more snow overnight tonight as well! We should have another good weekend of riding!

If you get out this week, be aware that there could be limbs/trees down. Any help you can provide by clearing things from the trail is always helpful!

Trails look great!

Our trails are great right now! All our trails North of town we’re groomed tonight. We’ll get everything else groomed over the next couple of days as well. Most sections have plenty of snow and are in great shape. Some sections still have some wet spots, but there aren’t a lot. Even the trail by the Wall at Riverside is greatly improved after we filled in what we could with snow and pulled a drag over it. Get out and enjoy some riding!

The large ruts are gone and its relatively smooth now

Trail Update Sunday 2/17

We groomed last night and again this morning. We covered most of our Michigan trails (that’s the trails towards Chittenden and we also go out to RD59 towards Barnard this morning and to services. Overall conditions are really good. In areas, there are still some wet spots and some bare spots. As always, use caution. Have fun out there!

Freshly groomed, with a view!

Trail Update 2/15

Trail Update 2/15

Our trails are generally in good shape now. There is still ice underneath the snow in areas, so use caution. It’s 39 degrees in town right now and the snow is soft and wet. Cold temps should be back overnight and stick around hopefully for awhile. We’ll be out grooming when possible to get things back into great shape as soon as we can. Have fun and as always, ride with caution!

Snow is starting!

Snow is starting!

The snow has started and we’re supposed to get enough to help get the trails back into good shape. Groomer should be out in the morning. If you ride tonight or tomorrow, right with caution. Ice will still be there, just covered up. Hopefully the snow sticks to it! When riding in fresh snow, try to help pack down by not riding in the same track as everyone else. That just helps us when we groom.

And we’re on twitter – all posts to our site will update there as well and we will see about other ways we might use it, such as quick tweets from the trail..etc.

Warmer week, followed by cold next week.

Looks like another warm up this week, followed by some rain towards the end of the week. It doesn’t look like it will have too much of an impact since our trails are in great shape and we survived heavy rain two weeks ago, we can certainly survive some light rain and warmer temps. As always use caution if you are out riding. Looks like we get back into some cold weather Friday night.

Trails looking great!

Groomer was out last night and this morning grooming the last few trails that hadn’t been groomed since the snow Tue/Wed. Overall our trails are in great shape (best so far this season!) with a few rough spots. As always, use caution, ride to the right and have a fun time out there!