Welcome to the trail reports.  Click a trail report below to get more detail.  We try to update as frequently as possible and as major changes occur.

  • Sunday Update 1/19/20 January 19, 2020

    We did not get the amount of snow we were hoping for, but we did get some. Enough that we did get out grooming a little today. We started to fill in some water bars and smooth out what we could, but we still need more snow and water bars to freeze up solid which hopefully they will tonight and the next couple of days and even more importantly stay that way! We got some trees that had been cut previously pushed off the trails and put up some new signs as well at RD10 and RD11. If you do go out and ride, use caution. Even where we groomed, water bars are still open and we’re still looking at very early conditions, more like what we’d typically see in December. Think snow and ride safe!

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  • Trails are open January 18, 2020

    We have just enough snow to open the trails. We should be much better off after this upcoming storm. If you ride today, use caution. There are still many hazards and open water bars. We’ll evaluate if we can groom tomorrow after we see what the storm brings us.

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  • Trails are closed January 12, 2020

    We’ve lost too much snow with this latest weather. Trails are closed until we get more snow. We’ll post an update once we’re able to ride again. Think snow!

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  • Trails are open with detour January 7, 2020

    Trails are open. We’ve got a bit more snow and there is an ok base in most areas, especially up higher. Conditions are still early season and can change at a moments notice and there are still branches/trees that may be down in areas as well as open water bars. In addition, we have a detour for this season. 100 N/S is closed between RD2 and RD7. Coming from the North, this means a longer trip to services, so plan accordingly. All services are open as well as access to the Swiss Farm. Please check the map, the closure is listed.

    Groomer has not been out yet, we’ll get out when conditions permit. So please use caution going by the wall at Riverside farm. We’ve been working on improving that so it doesn’t get flooded but need to groom it. Go slow.

    Think snow! Pictures are from Saturday

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