TMA’s are available.

You can get them via mail through Dot.  You can also be get them at the Swiss Farm Market (aka Pittstop).

Costs are as follows:

$100 for sleds registered in Vermont, plus $10 club and $3 county dues.
$130 for sleds registered in another state, plus $10 club and $3 county dues.

If you want to get yours via mail, send a check to Dot for the proper amount for the number of sleds and registration type (make out to Tweed Valley Travelers) and include a copy of your registration and date of birth.

Mail to:

Dot Williamson
West Branch Farm Rd
Pittsfield, VT 05762

In addition, there’s still work to be done to get things ready.  Please email Dot if you can help – she does work on the trails 7 days a week and is always looking for help as having just one or two people help cuts the amount of work tremendously.  You also get added to the list to be in the drawing for a volunteer TMA for next season.