We haven’t posted any updates in quite a while, simply because there haven’t been any updates to post.  Trails remain closed.  So why an update now?

Gates have now been closed.  Ground is no longer frozen, temps are warm, valley is bare and even the national forest trails that had some snow, have mostly lost their base, anything that is left is ice.

We’ve even had some stakes pulled by request of the landowner.

If we had some freak storm and were to get enough snow to ride, we will post any updates.  I expect at best, only our National Forest section of trails would be re-opened.

Landowner dinner will be our next (and only) event this season.  Once we have details, we’ll post them.

And remember, just because there may be no riding, doesn’t mean the businesses you’d ride to don’t still need your support.  Too many people look at a year like this and don’t buy a TMA and don’t come to Vermont.  If we don’t support VAST and the clubs and businesses that we enjoy EVERY year, they may not be here in the years that follow.